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About us.

Enquiris is a Mississauga-based business management consultancy agency.
With years of experience consulting and partnering with businesses of all sizes,
we have grown into a prosperous start-up with a fantastic track record.

Why us?

Establishing and stabilizing an organizational foundation can be one of the
biggest and most vital challenges facing any organization or business.

Enquiris takes the time to get to know your business. As a business management consultancy agency, we familiarize ourselves with your company’s corporate identity to help you create and develop different strategies to help build a strong and invulnerable foundation. With our list of diverse and crucial business consultancy services, Enquiris can help your organization operate seamlessly and successfully.

We have been working with Enquiris for over 5 years.
Enquiris handles all our recruitment from all field workers to senior level engineers. They continue to provide support for our compliance to transition plans, they have become an  integral part of our business.

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Toronto, Ontario

Broaden your horizons.
Take advantage of our 
unique consultancy services.

Our extensive list of services is unmatched by any other consultancy agency. We focus on both the internal and external components of your business. As your consultants, we make sure you understand each and every one of our services. Click below to see a list of all our business management consultancy services.

Did you know

If you don’t see a specific service, feel free to contact us anyways. We’re always happy to help!

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We are an official CCO affiliate!

We are honoured to announce that we are officially affiliated with Career Colleges Ontario. Career Colleges Ontario (CCO) is a non-profit organization fighting for the equitable treatment of career college students and a level playing field for its member institutions.

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Clients & Partners.

Here is a list of some of our clients and partners. We’re always dedicated to helping all of our clients and partners.