About Enquiris

Enquiris is a Mississauga-based consulting agency. With years of experience partnering and consulting with businesses of all sizes, we have grown into a prosperous start-up company with an impressive track record.

Throughout the years, we have helped our clients build and augment their businesses by concentrating on structural and organizational strategies or lack thereof. With specializations in different areas, Enquiris can help your business take the next step.

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to connect and strategize with businesses and companies in an effort to create and foster long-lasting and beneficial working relationships.”

diversity + inclusion

At Enquiris, we make sure that diversity and inclusion are high priority

It is important for our organization to reflect our stance as well. We pledge that all employees will have equal access to opportunity and fair, unbiased treatment. With a focus on innovation and creativity, we work towards a workplace that instills great teamwork and collaboration efforts. Although we’re a smaller company, we make sure there is a representation of diversity at all levels of our organization. We are proud to say we offer organizational flexibility, responsiveness and agility when addressing employee concerns.